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Birch water is pure birch tree sap. It is genuine, 100% natural living water that people in rural Europe have been enjoying for centuries as a natural detox product.

Naturally diuretic, birch water stimulates the cleansing systems of the body, kidney and liver functions and helps to eliminate the toxins in the body. It contains micro-nutrients unique to the birch tree which are said to help strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol and assist with weight loss.

It is an ecologically pure, 100% natural refreshing drink ideal for sportsmen during workout, faster recovery or for people with healthy lifestyle looking for drinks that are natural, low calories and tasty.




The birch trees go into “sleep mode” shedding their leaves as a strategy to survive harsh cold weather conditions.


The warmer temperature awakens the birch tree and pushes the sap to flow through the tree from root to tip where it is naturally filtered.


This is when we get ready to collect the precious health elixir. The harvest season is short, typically 3-4 weeks and happens only once a year prior to the blooming of the leaves.


When collecting the nutritious sap we follow a traditional, ecological and gentle harvesting method which does not harm the health of our trees at all. The tree then grows new leaves and starts the growing season, continuing nature’s renewable energy cycle.